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Love in a Sunburnt Land

Rural Romance Anthology by Emma Powell and Rhonda Forrest, Louise Forster, Leanne Lovegrove and Susan Mackie
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Emma Powell, author of all things romance, funny and female lives in Melbourne, Australia with her human kids and fur babies. Her hobbies include, eating chicken chips, reading, true crime docos, politics and sleeping. Her other career is as a theatre actor which she has done for the last three decades. So as an actor and a writer she is able to do what she loves best - tell stories.

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Charlie Collins

(finally) Gets a Life

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Mister Maybe

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Mister Pretend

praise for Emma's books

"What a surprising book. Laugh out loud funny, yet brought tears to my eyes in places. Told in first person, Charlie Collins needs to be a bit kinder to herself I suspect she would if she saw herself through others' eyes. Great small town characters - I live in a small town - I know these people (or some suspiciously like them!! A page turner. Highly recommend"


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